Friday, April 28, 2006

Buying a House - Part III

Our house is sold! And for more than we could have hoped for! $$$CHA-CHING$$$!

Wednesday night was the deadline for all offers. So around 9pm, the agent comes over with a stack of offers under his arm (good!). Turns out we got 12 offers! Unfrickenbelievable! Another high number: we had 55 people schedule appointments to see our house in the 3 days it was showing.

So we start opening up the offers. Some not bad, some barely over asking price. Some with very scary conditions like the following:

Seller guarantees all electrical and plumbing in house. All electrical and plumbing will function correctly for 2 weeks after possesion date.

Uhm, I'm sorry, but WTF? So, months from now (August), we move out, they move in. Middle of August I can get a call saying, sorry, plug socket in north-east corner of basement is no longer working. We want our money back, you can have this POS house. Yeah - even if that was the highest offer (it wasn't) that guy can go take a flying leap off a cliff, into a bed of rusty spikes in a shallow pool of vinegar and salt.

About halfway through the pile we hit gold. An offer that was $25,000 over asking, and $31,000 more than I paid for this house less than 2 years ago! And the best part, that newer, nicer house we already bought? Yeah, we bought that for $3,000 LESS than what I just sold my old house for! There is not even a word that can adequately describe how fricken Snakes on a Mother Fucking Shiny Plane this whole deal is! How often does one upgrade their house, but come out ahead?

I feel like I just robbed two people... the guy who we bought the new house from, and the guy we just sold our house too.

My dad looks at like this. He figures we made $30,000 on our old house, and bought our new house for $30,000 less than market value, which means we are ahead $60,000! Snakes on a Mother Fucking Shiny Plane, man!

With all this extra cash coming this August, me and the finacee will be able to pay off pretty much all our outstanding debt, and leave us with just a mortgage. We are only planning to put 10% down on the new mortgage, the rest of the money will be better off paying off all the other stuff which is at a higher interest rate. No more student loans!

Oh, there was one condition on the good offer on our house, final mortgage approval on the buyer's side. He was pre-approved, but it still needed final approval. Well we had to wait til Friday (today) before we got the call saying final approval was granted! w00t!

I'm so buying lottery tickets today.



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