Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Buying a House Ahead of Schedule!

Well, me and the old ball-and-chain (finaceé) weren't planning on moving for at least a year. However, the other day I get an email from one of my friends who has another friend who needs to sell his house and does not want to go through an agent. For the area and size of this house, the asking price was really good, almost too good. Okay, so we call this guy up and arrange to check the house out.

The house looks to be in pretty good shape, much better than my current house (which could use a redone bathroom, kitchen, etc). The only problems to me seem to be the exterior colour (butt ugly beige and bright blue) and the laminate floor in the living/dining room. That's much less work than I need to do on my current house.

I found out the reason the price of the house is low. Turns out he is going by the estimate of the house's worth from 2004 - two years ago! Uhm, house prices have increased dramatically in this city since then. (To put this in perspective, the friend we have in common, just bought a house in the same area. That house is around 200 square feet smaller, but my friend ended up paying almost $40,000 more than his friend is now asking!). Also, I am thinking there is a fair chance that I can sell my current house for the same price this new house will cost. Considering this new house is in better shape and 30 years newer, and in a better area, well that is TOO GOOD to pass up I think!

So, me and the finaceé did some scrambling. Got pre-approved for the mortgage, met with a lawyer, drew up an offer, and handed the offer in last night. I believe we gave two days to accept the offer, so needless to say the finaceé is going absolutely crazy waiting for the call-back!

Wish us luck folks!
*fingers crossed* :o)


At 4/12/2006 08:03:00 PM, Anonymous God of the Internet, Dead!! said...

Sounds fishy, I'd check to see if its built on an Eskimo Burialground. Or he buried his wife alive in the basement, or he's got a zombie in the basement. Think man think!!


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